Antique crescent moon brooch with garnets

A Victorian favourite! This brooch in a crescent shape, framed with natural garnets, is the perfect addition to your antique jewellery collection. Rhodolite garnets graduating in size add a playful touch to this bewitching design. The brooch can also be worn as a pendant.

The crescent moon must be one of the oldest symbols we know. It is said that the shape symbolizes the feminine moon goddess as well as female empowerment. For me, the moon is all about change. Just like the moon cycles through phases, so do we and so does life.

Many Victorians were obsessed with ‘From the Earth to the Moon’ by Jules Verne. This novel, which was published in 1865, describes how the Baltimore Gun Club decided to build a gun big enough to shoot a manned rocket to the moon. Adventurous tales about futuristic journeys definitely inspired the jewellery of the time.


Price: €750 (certificate of authenticity included / price without shipping costs)
Antique: Victorian (late 1800s, contains hallmarks)
Size: diameter is 2,7 cm
Material: 15 carat gold with untreated and natural rhodolite garnets (round facet, 0.7 carat)
Condition: excellent


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Certificate of authenticity

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