Antique starburst ring with rubies and diamond

In need of some guidance and wisdom? You only have to buy this ring. 😉 All jokes aside, this is what the Victorians wanted to symbolize with the stars you see in so many antiques. This ring has a beautiful starburst setting with two rubies and a diamond in the middle. They sit comfortably in the rose gold of the ring – which reflects like a mirror. As long as you keep polishing your ring, of course.

This ring was made in England in 1900 – 1901. An exciting time for many people around the world. In 1900, the Paris Métro was opened during the World’s Fair, the first solar eclipse was filmed in North Carolina and the first (almost) complete skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex was found in Wyoming. A year later, in 1901, Queen Victoria (UK) died, actrice and singer Marlene Dietrich was born and the Okapi was formally recognized and first described by a zoologist.

Back to the ring! It looks brilliant on its own as well as in a ring stack. You’re welcome to try it on in my boutique in Rotterdam (NL).


Price: €495 (professional laboratory report and worldwide shipping included)
Antique: 1900 – 1901
Size: 17 1/4
Material: 9 carat rose gold with natural and untreated rubies (0.06 carat, round facet) and a natural and untreated diamond (0.02 carat, round facet)
Condition: excellent


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Certificate of authenticity

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