Antique toi et moi ring with diamonds

One of the most romantic looks in jewellery? Bingo: toi et moi. Meaning ‘you and me’ in French – très romantique! It refers to two gemstones, sitting side by side, symbolizing two souls becoming one. This classic design features two bright diamonds.

When you browse the internet or read jewellery books on toi et moi designs, you will always find the ‘romantic tale’ of Napoleon Bonaparte and Joséphine de Beauharnais. The betrothal ring he gave her in 1796 featured two pear-shaped stones: a sapphire and a diamond – about one carat each. 

At the time it was a shocking move: Joséphine was six years older than him and was a wealthy widow with two children. Napoleon Bonaparte, a revolutionary soldier in the French army – not yet the Emperor of France – was smitten and asked her to marry him anyway. Oh, the scandal! Although he was a promising officer, he wasn’t rich. This ring must have broken his wallet to buy such quality. Soon after their marriage, he left to lead the French army. She didn’t join him and started an affair. When the rumours reached Napoleon, he went on to have numerous affairs of his own. They divorced in 1810. The ring was sold at an auction of Osenat in Paris back in 2013 for €730.000. Fun fact: the bidding started at €10.000. Let’s hope it brings the new owner the best of luck!


Price: €775
Antique: 1910 – 1920
Size: 18
Material: 18 carat gold and 2x 0.07 carat diamond (natural, untreated, DEF, single cut)
Condition: excellent


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