Giveaway: luxurious alternative Advent Calendar

3 October 2022

GIVEAWAY – This one is for all you weirdos out there! Crazy Christmas and Curiosity Collectors: let’s countdown to the best countdown of the year. On my birthday I will surprise someone with a very exclusive Advent Calendar. My so-called ‘Wunderkammer Extraordinaire in 24 presents’ (worth €350!).

The prize

The prize of this giveaway is a ‘Wunderkammer Extraordinaire in 24 presents’. This is an alternative Advent Calendar – curated by me – and filled with art, natural wonders, curiosities and tasty surprises in collaboration with quirky artists and shops. Each Wunderkammer Extraordinaire contains 24 gifts. A selection of what you can expect: a very shiny item from Zylana Pearls and Gemstones, a tasty surprise with an Australian twist by Real Good Food (developed especially for this Advent Calendar!), a nostalgic surprise from organic flower nursery Loofwerk, a not-your-average-Christmas-artwork by Atomic Geisha and a gorgeous handpainted artwork by Jewelbox of Joy (also custom-made for this Advent Calendar!).

How to enter?

Send me the most beautiful (or hideous) Christmas card you can find. Think about the absolute best (or the absolute worst) Christmas present you have ever received and write it on said card. Plus the postal address of my shop, of course. And add the correct amount of postage stamp(s). Thank you.

Who will win?

The card that makes me laugh or cry the hardest wins! 

Game rules, terms and conditions

  • Send your card to my boutique before the 27th of October. Here’s the address: Kim van Zweeden, Vijverhofstraat 92, 3032 SN Rotterdam, Nederland.
  • You can only participate once.
  • You can only participate when you live in the Netherlands or Belgium.
  • Yes, you are allowed to let someone else participate for you. Don’t cry if they decide to keep the prize. 😉
  • I’ll announce the winner on Facebook and Instagram on 27 October 2022.
  • Facebook and Instagram do not endorse this giveaway and aren’t involved in any way.
  • Are you younger than 18 years old? Please ask your caretakers for permission.
  • Please put the correct amount of postage stamp(s) on the card.
  • By entering this giveaway, you give consent/ permission to receive my montly newsletter. I’ll add you to the list. Of course, you can unsubscribe any time.
  • Last but not least: don’t forget to mention your email address on the card so I can get in touch with you. Best to put the card in an envelope, so your email address stays private.

It’s not a must at all, but if you could share this blog/ giveaway with your friends and family, it would be greatly appreciated! It is the season of giving, after all.


Err, I mean: GO, GO, GO! You have 24 days left (how appropriate) to participate in this giveaway. Best of luck to you all.