SOLD – Vintage 1940s cameo ring

The second cameo ring in my online shop! Looking for a classic item of jewellery? You have just stumbled upon it. The appeal of the cameo is timeless. It first became popular during the Roman Empire and then made a revival in the Renaissance. It has enjoyed lasting popularity throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. This handcrafted miniature is a popular work of art.

Nerd alert: One of the largest cameos can be found in the Bibliothèque Nationale de France in Paris. The Grand Camée de France is made with sardonyx quartz featuring black, brown, red and white. It’s as long as a ruler and nearly just as wide. Unfortunately, not much is known about its origin or its age. We do know that King Louis XVI had this showpiece stored in the Cabinet des Médailles in the national library in Paris in 1791.

Please note: the cameo ring that’s for sale in this online store is made from delicate shell. It’s not a big fan of heat or bright lights. Please keep this ring in the box when you’re not wearing it.


This ring is sold.

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