SOLD – Long vintage ring with colour-changing synth. sapphire

Bam! This design really stands out from the rest. Despite its size, the vintage ring feels comfortable and would make a perfect everyday ring. The colour-changing gemstone is truly mesmerizing. Depending on the light, it’s blue or purple. Pure magic.

This gemstone is synthetic. What does it mean? Long story short: synthetic gem material is made by people in a laboratory. It do shares all chemical, optical and physical characteristics of its natural mineral counterpart. Synthetic corundum, which includes sapphire, can be made by several processes. Because of this, synthetic corundum is available at many price levels. From very affordable to very expensive. Although this ring is from the 1970s, synthetic sapphires have been popular since the early 1900s. You can find some of the earliest examples of synthetic sapphires in art nouveau and art deco jewellery.


Price: SOLD
Vintage: 1970s
Size: 17
Material: 14 carat gold with 11.5 carat synthetic colour-changing sapphire (facet cut, transparent)
Condition: excellent


This ring is sold.


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