Rock crystal ornaments for your Christmas tree

15 December 2022

Decorate your Christmas tree with nature’s treasures: rock crystal from Brazil! Combined with a white satin ribbon, these wonderful ornaments are perfect for the festive season. Every item comes in a soft and highly decorated pouch, handmade in Nepal. A limited edition I designed together with Naru’s Gemstones.

Limited edition

The ornaments were originally made for this year’s ‘Wunderkammer Extraordinaire Advent Calendar’. A custom and limited edition gift. I’m so glad we made an extra batch for my boutique. Only 25 rock crystal ornaments are in stock.

Unique Christmas ornaments

Because we work with natural products, every ornament is different in both size and cut. You can easily hang your ornament in a Christmas tree thanks to the white satin ribbon. We made the ribbons extra long, which makes it possible for you to choose the ideal length. The ornament comes in a soft and highly decorated pouch, handmade in Nepal. The pouches vary in both size and colour.


  • Price: €25 per rock crystal ornament with a pouch.
  • Postage (normal, within the Netherlands) is included. Secured shipping costs extra.
  • Send an email to to purchase.

Practical information

  • Size rock crystal: 1 – 2 cm (w) x 3 – 5 cm (l)
  • Size ribbon: 0,6 cm (w) x 20 – 26 cm (l)
  • It’s not possible to handpick a pouch or an ornament. Do know that every single one looks gorgeous as we have carefully made our selection.

Naru’s Gemstones

Minou and Narayan from Naru’s Gemstones made my wildest Christmas dream come true with rock crystal from Brazil and a matching pouch from Nepal. My very own Christmas decorations! Fun fact: Narayan was born in a goldsmith family in Kathmandu. His grandfather used to be the goldsmith for the royals in Nepal. Another fun fact: together with Minou I studied gemmology at the Netherlands Gem Laboratory. Naru’s only supplies directly to goldsmiths and jewellers.