Luxurious still life postcard set

Five photos, inspired by richly painted Dutch still lifes from the 17th century, printed on structured paper. A luxurious postcard set with emerald green envelopes – a collaboration between photographer Moniek Kuipers and me. 

Flowers and fruit, books, a human skull, fish and… lots of jewellery. Life literally stands still in this arranged display of objects. Our inspiration? Gorgeous paintings which are on display at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam – their collection contains around 230 still life paintings. Did you know that 17th century painters developed specialities within this genre? Some focused on flowers and fruit, while others created a vanitas with references to the transience of life and the material world. Moniek Kuipers and I made a contemporary version and added vintage and antique jewellery.

RAD Dordrecht is a printing house in the Netherlands, not far from our studios in Rotterdam, and specializes in traditional techniques. With care and attention to detail, this family business printed our photos on authentic, structured paper. This way it almost looks like it was painted!

Our luxurious postcard set contains 5 cards with 5 emerald green envelopes. Perfect for sending handwritten notes to loved ones who are self-isolating. Or, let’s be honest, to frame them. You probably want to keep some postcards to yourself. 😉 


Cards: 115 x 175 mm – 350 grams each
Envelopes: 120 x 180 mm – 120 grams each
Price: €15 (including shipping costs in the Netherlands)


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