Silver art deco Albert chain T-bar choker

Heavy to hold and smooth to touch. This Albert chain, complete with chunky links, a dog clip and T-bar, could be your new favourite necklace! The choker sits comfortably above your collarbones. I love how every single link is hallmarked. It was made in 1935 by a company whose name will remain a mystery as the British maker’s mark is hardly readable. It looks like H&F&P.

The name of the necklace refers to the British Prince Albert (1819 – 1861), who originally wore similar designs as a pocket watch chain holding his watch and fobs. Thanks to him, the chains were incredibly popular in the Victorian era. In this day and age, it’s again ‘en vogue’, but this time as a short necklace.


Price: €475 (worldwide shipping included)
Vintage: hallmarked for 1935
Size: 40 cm long
Material: hallmarked for sterling silver
Condition: very good


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