SOLD – 1960s ring with garnet and diamonds

A strong desire to break with tradition in architecture, painting and jewellery. Typical for the 1950s and 1960s. This ring was made in the 1960s. The goldsmith possibly would have called it ‘wearable art’. A popular term back then. We see a lot of experimenting with unusual materials in these years. This ring though seems to be slightly more classic. It has strong and simple shapes with a large colourful stone in the middle.

The colourful stone is a garnet (0.85ct). The traditional colour of garnets is dark red – like this gorgeous ring. Depending on the light it varies from brownish-red to purplish red. However, they occur in many different colours – even green! This stone is regarded as the symbol of constancy, thought to promote wealth and valued as a heart stimulant.

Nerd alert: garnets have been found in Bohemia (Czech Republic), Ethiopia, Sri Lanka and India. During the Renaissance, long before the term synthetic gem was introduced, garnets were treated with heat to intensify their colour. The good news is that the featured almandine garnet and both diamonds (0.5 point each) in this ring weren’t treated at all. Natural beauty! This is also noted in the certificate of authenticity.


This ring is sold.


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