SOLD – Zeeuws Knoopje (Dutch button) ring

The most gorgeous province of the Netherlands? That must be Zeeland. I’m very lucky to be born and raised in this sunny area!

In our traditional costume, you cannot miss the ‘Zeeuwse knop’, originally called ‘braamknoop’. In English: Dutch button. For centuries is has been an important part of our regional jewellery. A showpiece, symbolizing our pride and cultural history. Men used to wear the buttons on their shirt, waistcoat and collar. Women followed later on with mainly brooches. Buttons made from gold were the ‘bees knees’. From 1915 on people also wore gold-plated silver buttons, just to ‘fit in’ with the rich and famous.

I was given a large silver button by my parents when I temporarily moved to Belgium for college. Originally it was a handmade brooch – my local jeweller converted it into a statement ring. It’s quite heavy and it reminds me of my roots. I never stopped wearing it until I returned to the Netherlands. I still wear it a lot, I really love the sentiment.

This small, golden button ring found me. I passed a small shop in London and somehow I knew I had to go in. The owners love the Netherlands so much, they visit our country quite often. And then I noticed this vintage ring in the back of the shop. Of course, I had to take it with me, back to its roots. And now it is sold to a lovely lady from Zeeland! Couldn’t be more happy with that.


This ring is sold.