Throwback to my New Year’s Reception

31 January 2023

Step inside my ‘Wunderkammer Extraordinaire’. Literally. On the 25th of January, I breathed life into my boutique’s advent calendar by organizing a New Year’s Reception. I welcomed 50 customers and partners in Rotterdam for a drink and a lecture by jewellery historian Sigrid van Roode. We couldn’t have started 2023 any better.

Jewellery connects people

Almost all of my guests arrived without company, but they didn’t have to feel alone. Their common interests immediately brought them together. And not just last year’s advent calendar they purchased. Jewellery truly connects people. Lots of antique and vintage pieces were proudly shown and stories were exchanged. Jewellery historian Sigrid van Roode gave a lecture inspired by the theme of my advent calendar: ‘Wunderkammer Extraordinaire’. Even more conversation material for my guests! The evening was way too short.

Arminius: a magical venue

I hosted the New Year’s Drink in the mysterious council chamber of Arminius. One of my favourite rooms in Rotterdam. Arminius was built between 1895 and 1897, inspired by early Christian Syrian churches. Today, it’s a national monument. Located next to the Museum Park and right in the cultural heart of our city. I love its Art Nouveau elements, stained glass windows, moody paintings and old furniture. I could tell the guests were quite impressed as well.

Advent calendar in 2023

Would you like to be part of this little community with a big heart for Christmas decorations and curiosities? I already opened the pre-order of this year’s alternative advent calendar. A limited edition of 50 calendars, jam-packed with first-class gifts and a hidden Golden Ticket in one of them.

Photos by Fred Ernst.