SOLD – Victorian ring with emeralds and imitation moonstones

This ring oozes the style of the Victorians (1837 – 1901). The buttery 12 carat yellow gold compliments the green and white stones. The bright emeralds are natural gemstones. The white stones however are man-made glass and imitate moonstones. An exceptional and fully hallmarked antique piece.

This ring was made in 1872, stamped for Birmingham. In that very same year, ‘Fairty tales by Hans Christian Anderson’ with illustrations by Elanor Vere Boyle was published in London. One of the original illustrations, ‘The King riding off with the dumb maiden’, houses in the Birmingham Central Library. It was part of The Parker’s collection and donated to the library after their deaths in the 1960s. In many illustrations by Eleanor you see the most beautiful jewellery. Not in this one. Pictured is a king who has fallen in love with the silent Eliza, riding home to his castle. Eliza isn’t wearing a ring and I’d like to imagine that she wore this one from my boutique. Brand new at the time. Perhaps a gift from the king. And no, there’s no such thing as too much imagination.

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Price: SOLD
Antique: 1872
Size: 16
Material: 12 carat gold, 0,1 carat natural green emeralds and white glass (man-made)
Condition: very good


This ring is now sold.


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