Victorian ring with garnets, emerald and imitation moonstones

This ring oozes the style of the Victorians (1837 – 1901). The buttery 12 carat yellow gold compliments the purplish pink, green and white stones. The bright emeralds and rhodolite garnets are natural gemstones. The white stones however are man-made glass and imitate moonstones. An exceptional and fully hallmarked antique piece.

Recently, someone told me this ring looked like something a Suffragette would have worn. I agree. Timewise however, it doesn’t add up as the ring was made in 1863 in Birmingham (UK) and the activist women’s organization there was formed in the early 1900s. The suffragettes fought for the right to vote in public elections. The movement’s colours were purple, white and green. Purple represented loyality and dignity, white for purity and green for hope. In the United States of America, this movement started earlier. Somewhere in the first half of the 1800s. Perhaps this ring was in a strike indeed, belonging to an American in the UK? Who knows!

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Price: €695 (professional laboratory report and worldwide shipping included)
Antique: 1863
Size: 16 3/4
Material: 12 carat gold, 0.8 carat natural and untreated rhodolite garnet, 0.02 carat natural and untreated garnet and white glass (man-made)
Condition: very good


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