SOLD – Vintage 1956 heliotrope bloodstone ring

Bloody beautiful. Heliotrope is my all-time favourite gemstone. It’s also called ‘bloodstone’ because of the red spots. Which are visible spots of iron oxide in the dark green jaspis. Don’t let anyone else in on this secret. 😉

Heliotrope reminds me of a fingerprint. Every piece is different. This unique stone is set in 9ct and hallmarked in London for 1956.

Please note: there is a tiiiiny chip on one side of the gemstone (this is reflected in the price). Hardly visible though. I had to collect it nonetheless as it’s such a stunning signet ring.


Price: SOLD
Vintage: 1956
Size: 15 3/4
Material: 9ct yellow gold with 2.40 carat natural heliotrope (dark green with red patches)
Condition: very good (light wear on the heliotrope and a very tiny chip on the side)


This item is sold.


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