Vintage gold ring with striped agate

No candy canes were harmed in the making of this ring. I promise. What you see here is a natural agate. Agate is a variety of chalcedony and is made up of tiny crystals of quarts (not visible to the unaided eye!). The gemstone can be translucent and have the most wonderful patterns. It is said that its name is based on the river Achates (Dirillo River) in Sicily. Most likely, this is the place where agate was found for the first time.

As agate is a porous material, it lends itself well to treatments to enhance the colours. No worries: the gemstone is this vintage ring is untreated and a true natural beauty. The laboratory confirmed this in their report.

Striped agates can be found in many vintage rings from the 1970s. This ring however really stands out from the rest because of its design and the colour of the gemstone. Looking at the sides, one could think of a very pointy crown or perhaps wild sea waves. It’s a fascinating ring.


Price: €475 (professional laboratory report and worldwide shipping included)
Vintage: 1970s
Size: 15 3/4
Material: 14 carat gold with natural, untreated striped agate (cabochon, 6,5 carat)
Condition: excellent


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Certificate of authenticity

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