SOLD – Vintage ring with synthetic green spinel

Have you heard of ‘The Black Prince’s Ruby’? You have seen it once in your life, I think. It’s the big red stone in the British Imperial Crown. One of the best imposters! It’s not a ruby at all, you see. It’s a red spinel. A very old one, from the 14th century.

Spinel has been underappreciated for far too long. I’m happy to see more and more of it in contemporary jewellery. As for this vintage ring, this is not a natural green spinel. It’s a synthetic one. This means it essentially has the same chemical, optical and physical properties as a natural spinel, but it is grown by people in a laboratory.

For synthetic spinels, the flame infusion/ verneuil process is the most common way to create it. How this works? Well, in the laboratory, you drop powdered chemicals through a high-temperature flame. It then melts and falls onto a rotating pedestal. The result is a synthetic crystal. Sometimes, synthetic spinels can be created using flux growth or hydrothermal growth. Both really interesting processes as well. Just ask and I’ll tell you more about it.

The stone in this ring has the perfect green hue. And a perfect cut! I love how it reflects daylight. It’s surrounded by gold ruffles that remind me of a salsa dancing skirt or even luscious theatre curtains. This ring deserves to be in the center of attention. Will you bring her to the theatre? Or to any other party?


Price: SOLD
Antique: 1970s
Size: 18
Material: 14 carat gold and synthetic spinel (lab grown, oval facet, 2.6 carat)
Condition: excellent


This ring is sold.

Certificate of authenticity

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