SOLD – Vintage gold mizpah ring

Wild waves are whirling around your finger. The waves on this ring represent all the obstacles in life. At times the sea can be calm and peaceful, but it can quickly turn into hellish, and even deadly, chaos.

The ring is inscribed on the inside with the words: ‘Lord watch over us always’. This reminds me of the Hebrew ‘Mizpah’: May the Lord watch between you and me when we are absent from one another (Genesis 31:49). This is a reference to emotional ties between people who are separated from each other, either physically or because of death.

This vintage ring was made by Charles Green & Son in Birmingham (GB). In addition to the proverb, a few symbols are lightly engraved into the gold. You could have these removed by a local jeweller making room for your own personal memory of someone you love who is no longer with you or who is temporarily separated from you. This ring is highly suitable for a ring stack; which is when you’re wearing several rings on one finger.


This ring is sold.