SOLD – Vintage oval and blank signet ring

Nearly all vintage and antique signet rings that I come across have initials or a family crest engraved into them, so I simply had to snap up this blank copy. You can truly make it your own!

There are a few scratches on the front, but this is what happens when a ring is worn every day. Would you like this ring to be as smooth as a mirror? A local jeweller who you trust can lightly polish the surface for you.

My great-grandfather Jacobus van Zweeden was a goldsmith, clockmaker and watchmaker from the Dutch province of Zeeland (NL). He used to wear a gold signet ring with his initials in mirror image. He sealed all his envelopes using melted sealing wax in which he pressed his signet ring. These rings often remain in the family for many generations, just like in my family. Perhaps you can turn this chunky gold signet ring in my online store into a new family heirloom?


Age: vintage, from the 1980s
Materials: 9ct gold
Condition: very good, minor surface wear
Size: T 1/2 (UK/AU)/ 20 (NL/DU) – can be resized


This ring is now sold.