Vintage portrait (or poison) ring with garnet

Portrait ring or poison ring? That’s completely up to you. You can protect or hide all sorts of things in the secret compartment underneath the gemstone. This piece really ticks all of my collector’s boxes: it’s a sight for sore eyes, in an excellent condition and it has something quirky.

The gemstone on top is a mysterious dark red garnet. Garnets come in all almost every colour and they have been around for centuries. One of the first examples of jewellery with red garnets is a necklace which belonged to a Egyptian pharaoh. It was even entombed with the mummified corpse for the afterlife.


Price: €775
Vintage: 1960s
Size: 17
Material: 9 carat gold with 13.1 carat almandine garnet (oval cabochon cut)
Condition: excellent


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professional laboratory report

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