SOLD – Vintage ring with green moss agate

There’s something magical about moss agate. It’s as if tiny trees and plants are captured in transparent stone. These miniature drawings by Mother Nature are not real moss: what you see in the gem of this ring are inclusions that aren’t always green, but can also be brown or red.

This gem brings luck. At least that’s what people have claimed for many centuries. Others say that it has the power to heal. I simply find it enchantingly beautiful.

Back in the 18th century, this gemstone was so popular that people even copied it by hand with unusual materials. For example, in the British Museum in London there’s a ring with a stone made of embroidered silk with hair, enclosed under glass and bordered with flat-cut topazes. I like that ring too, but I prefer the natural moss agate – as in this ring in my online store.


This ring is sold.