SOLD – Vintage ring with coral

Corals are not plants. They’re actually animals and are – amazingly enough – relatives of jellyfish and anemones. Not sure this is helping me to sell this ‘skeleton’ ring though… 😉

The history of coral jewellery in Europe dates to at least ancient Rome. People believed the organic material would protect children and ward them against evil. Back in the days people also believed coral could protect against the allure of temptresses, ha! Most of it was carved in Napels and Torre del Greco, with designs dating back as far as the 18th-century.

Have you ever seen raw coral pieces? Polished, but left in its natural branch-like form, was especially en vogue in the 1970s. I love those! Today, big fashion brands continue using coral in their designs. I’d rather see them using other material. Coral is very scarce. The result of centuries of overharvest. Personally, I only purchase vintage and antique jewellery with coral.

The colours vary from vibrant red to creamy orange and soft pinks. The ring is my online shop is a soft pink with orange tones. Just lovely!


This ring is sold.

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