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Vintage ring with red coral

So much detail in just one ring. A graceful and vintage piece, which I found in Zeeland. I would love to tell you more about the maker, but the master’s mark remains a mystery. From research in the laboratory we do know that it is in fact authentic and untreated red coral. Cabochon cut and in a beautiful orange-red colour.

The red colour of coral isn’t always the same. We can easily distinguish ten different shades. From a bright pink to a reddish brown. Sometimes the coral contains light stripes or flecks – this is the kind of coral which was used to make this ring. To get this beautiful even colour, the coral is selected by hand and then sawn and ground in such a way that you are left with a stone without the stripes or flecks. Isn’t that clever?

Did you know that people used to think that coral was medicinal and could ward off evil? Parents let their small children wear it for that reason. In paintings with prominent people you sometimes see children holding a gold or silver rattle with a coral handle. Biting the coral eased the pain when the first teeth came through.


Price: €495 (professional laboratory report and worldwide shipping included)
Vintage: Dutch, circa 1950
Size: 16 3/4 (we can resize this ring)
Material: 14 carat gold with untreated red coral (center stone 1.52 carat and two smaller stones 0.04 carat each)
Condition: excellent


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professional laboratory report

Yes, this is included. Every item of jewellery with a gemstone in my boutique has been assessed by a qualified gemmologist with many years of experience. When you buy an item of jewellery with a gemstone, you will receive a signed professional laboratory report.