Wunderkammer Extraordinaire – edition 2022

18 April 2022

Dear collectors, your favourite Advent Calendar is back! I proudly present the second edition of the ‘Wunderkammer Extraordinaire in 24 presents’. An alternative Advent Calendar filled with art, natural wonders, curiosities and tasty surprises in collaboration with quirky artists and shops.

Alternative Advent Calendar

Let’s count down to Christmas with 24 presents. To me, this is the most beautiful time of the year. Not because of traditions – I’m just such a sucker for Christmas decorations and wrapping gifts. All 24 are carefully selected, especially for you, in the most beautiful shops and studios in both the Netherlands and far beyond the country borders. The presents are festively wrapped and numbered (1 = 1 December, 2 = 2 December, and so on). Make sure you always open your gift before 8 pm (CEST). From 1 December on, I’ll count down daily to Christmas on social media by showing what’s the gift of that day. In these posts, I also tell more about the item.

Wonderful presents

Each Wunderkammer Extraordinaire contains 24 gifts. A selection of what you can expect: a very shiny item from Zylana Pearls and Gemstones, a tasty surprise with an Australian twist by Real Good Food (developed especially for this Advent Calendar!), a nostalgic surprise from organic flower nursery Loofwerk, a not-your-average-Christmas-artwork by Atomic Geisha and a gorgeous handpainted artwork by Jewelbox of Joy (also custom-made for this Advent Calendar!).

Limited edition

The Advent Calendar comes in a limited edition and costs €170 including international shipping costs. The total value is €350. The package will be shipped in November and will be at your place before 1 December 2022. Please note: due to the limited edition and popularity, the Advent Calendar may sell out quickly.

Order your Advent Calender now!

Update 30 May: ordering is no longer possible. The Advent Calender 2022 is sold out! A massive thank you to everyone who ordered one (or more). Me, Father Christmas and the elves better get cracking!